CENTRIA’s standing seam metal roofs deliver clean, sleek lines with a minimum number of exposed fasteners for a unique aesthetic effect. Our panels are designed as true standing seam roofing systems, which as a result offer significant structural features and high durability, all while continuing to provide a unique and appealing aesthetic.

We offer two product lines for our standing seam roof systems which include the Standing Seam Roof System (SRS) and the Structural Design Panel (SDP) lines. The standing seam roof system is designed as a weathertight low slope roofing system that provides a low maintenance long lasting roof for any type of building. Furthermore, the structural standing seam roof panels are non-directional, providing you with more installation options. The structural design panel systems provide an economical solution with outstanding durability and resistance to wind loads. These panels are designed for application over purlins and are meant to be installed all at once in a blanked installation.

Each product line provides their own unique benefits, but each is widely applicable across a variety of industries. For example, standing seam roof panels are a fantastic choice for healthcare buildings with their increased energy efficiency. You can view the standing seam panel system in action on the Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. You can learn even more about the types of buildings our products can be installed on our case studies.

Why Choose Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

Standing Seam metal roof panels are a great solution for projects that require versatile installation. Each product line differs mainly through the use of a mechanical seam, which is utilized only on our SRS panel systems. Even still, both the SRS and SDP product lines provide a variety of benefits to your project:

  •         Designed as a low-slope system for roofing in both new construction and retrofit.
  •         Low-maintenance, long-lasting roof for any type of building.
  •         Non-directional unless directional finishes are used.
  •         SRS is available in crimp-free curved panels.
  •         Designed for application over open purlins and blanket insulation.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

CENTRIA SRS sets the standard for high-performance structural standing roofs. Its outstanding performance is due to interlocking design, mechanically seamed joinery, and concealed clips. Provides unmatched weather protection while accommodating thermal expansion and contraction. Plus, the SRS roof system is available in crimp-free curved panels.



SRS Structural Standing Seam Roof Systems are designed as true standing seam roof systems which offer high performance structural features while attaining aesthetic lines required in architectural systems.

Structural Design Roof Panels

CENTRIA SDP provides a versatile, economical solution for low slope roofs with outstanding resistance to wind loads and is designed for application over open purlins and blanket insulation.



CENTRIA SDP 175 Structural Design Panels are structural standing seam roof panels that feature a snap-together seam that does not require mechanical seaming yet provides excellent resistance to wind uplift.



CENTRIA SDP 200 Structural Design Panels are asymmetrical, mechanically seamed structural standing seam roof panels. They provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance for low-slope roofs and offer exceptional resistance to wind uplift loads.