Sally Ride Elementary School

Los Angeles, CA

Students from Kindergarten through fifth grade attend the Sally Ride Elementary School: A SMArT Academy and part of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The school was named in honor of astronaut Sally Ride, who was the first American woman in space. Architectural metal products from CENTRIA were used in the school’s construction.

“As a former student of the Los Angeles Unified School District, a history-making astronaut, and a staunch advocate of education, particularly science, technology engineering and math, Sally Ride gives us all something to aspire to,” Board Member Bennett Kayser said at the school’s dedication ceremony.

The facility includes everything from classrooms and multi-purpose rooms to administration offices, playing fields and even underground parking. It was all part of the LAUSD’s $19.5 billion New School Construction and Modernization Program focused on providing every student with the opportunity to attend a safe and healthy neighborhood school.

The design team at GNC Works appreciated the many options that CENTRIA’s Concept Series concealed fastener panels provided them, including thousands of combinations of articulation, shadows and sight lines, along with a complete line of finishes, special systems and detail options. The concealed fastener panels gave the school’s exterior a smooth, clean look.

Featuring a common-lock joint, Concept Series panels are extremely versatile. Panels can be combined to create unique custom profiles and can be installed vertically or horizontally. They are available in two surface textures–stucco embossed or smooth.

Whether it’s a retrofit job or a new build, Concept Series concealed fastener panels provide value to any project, offering all-weather installation and fast-track scheduling. The panels’ stand-off clips provide a ventilation cavity and drain plane behind the panel, and allow for thermal and seismic movements, making the product perfect for GNC Works, which was built in earthquake-prone California.

Ecoscreen Perforated Screenwall adds an interesting architectural element to the school’s façade. Fabricated from 20 gauge stainless steel and 0.040 painted aluminum, open area patterns range from 10-40%. When the panels are installed either horizontally or vertically, the effect is an airy and light aesthetic.

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    Education (K-12)

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    Architectural Systems, Inc.

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    Pinner Construction Co., Inc.

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